3 Biggest Slot Wins Of All Time

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Can you win big playing slots? Yes, you can and there have been many documented examples of gamblers hitting not just big jackpots but some extremely huge ones. These are life-transforming wins that we all dream about. Multiple millions of dollars from a single spin of the reels helps to wipe out debt, provide an income that causes us to quit our jobs, buy things we could never afford before, and just rake in the life of leisure. It’s pretty intoxicating stuff, and not entirely just the work of fantasy. In this article, we will take a look at some of the biggest jackpots of all time and share where these gamblers were when they hit the big one and a bit of information on each of the winners.

But First, A Disclaimer

Imagine what your life would become if you were to suddenly win a huge jackpot on the slots. Your privacy will be invaded, you will have people coming at you from all angles looking for your financial support. It can easily turn into a circus of never-ending events. This is probably why it is not always easy to find a lot of details online about the biggest casino wins. Sure, many posts outline some rather large casino wins or online slot wins. However, the details about the actual winners, other than where they were and the machine they were playing, are sparse. When you think about how a large cash prize can change someone’s life, it only makes sense that a lot of details are left out of the story. Again, imagine what a slot jackpot may do to your life. The disruption part of it would be enough to cause anyone to want to protect as much about their lives as possible.

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Number One

The largest slot win in history dates back to December 31, 2015. The winner, identified as just Mr. Smith, beat odds of 221:1 when he landed three jackpot symbols playing IGT Mega Moolah, a game developed by Microgaming. His jackpot win was worth $16.53 million US and took place at the Betfred Casino in Nottinghamshire, located 40-minutes from London, England. At the time of the win, the gambler was not sure what he was going to spend his massive cash prize on but he was very excited as he was quoted as saying, “I’m over the moon…I’ve just won the biggest prize of my life and I feel on top of the world.” He added, “We’ll all have a big celebration with family and friends – it’s New Year’s Eve so we’re going to go out for dinner then enjoy some drinks!”

Number Two

The second-largest slot win to date was won in Australia. An unidentified Aussie man was gambling in Melbourne’s Star City Crown Casino. He had been gambling at the site for six hours before hitting a slot jackpot of $13.4 million US. The story states that the lucky winner had gotten down to his last dollar when he won a huge bet placed at the Roulette wheel that got him back into the game. His slot win was $9 million greater than the previous record jackpot. By the way, the $13.4 million win was not the first big jackpot for this player. He also bagged over AUD 800,000 in 2004. There are no further details on that earlier win.

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Number Three

The third biggest slot win of all time is an old one that happened in 1994. An unidentified man won his prize at an undisclosed casino located somewhere in the United States (we warned you that often the details are sketchy). The player hit a USD 13 million payout. There is no further information on what game he was playing, how long he was playing, what he did with his winnings, nor if he still visits casinos and plays the slots. He essentially vanished from the landscape shortly after picking up his huge check.

What To Do If You Win A Huge Slots Jackpot

So, what exactly should you do in the moments, days, and weeks that follow winning a massive cash prize on the slots? Experts agree that there are a few things that you should do to prevent the money from disappearing too quickly or bad decisions being made. The following steps should provide valuable guidance if you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot.


The most logical first step is to celebrate the win. A good way to do that is to book a luxury suite, enjoy some drinks, take a vacation, or do something that you’ve never been able to afford until now. However, it is important to do this responsibly. Set a budget, stay within it, and don’t make any financial discussions if you have had a few too many glasses of wine. It is okay to let go and blow a portion of your win on a party, but keep it under control.

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Wipe Out Any Debts

Chances are, you probably owe money on some things. It could be a credit card bill, a line of credit, a mortgage, student loans, or whatever. One of the smartest things to do when you win a big jackpot is to erase any debts that have been following you around during your life. Not only will this remove a great deal of stress, but it allows you to move forward with a clean slate. Be careful to not plunge back into debt just because you have some extra money now.

Plan For The Future

Here’s where you get to start spending some of that fat bankroll you now have. However, you have to make some smart spending choices as the jackpot is not going to last forever if you just keep spending it on things that won’t help secure your future. Use part of the winnings on compound interest plans, real estate, and other investments that have long-term returns that you can live off and still put your jackpot to work for you.

Final Thoughts

Big jackpots do happen. Although the details are a bit vague at times, it is possible to win at the slots and if you do it right, you will be able to enjoy your winnings long after you leave the casino with your check.