Best Online Slots In Italy

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Gambling in all forms is active in Italy. This also includes online gambling. Without a doubt, slots are one of the most popular games of chance in the country. It makes sense, considering slots are probably the easiest casino game to play and since there is little or no skill required, slots have no strategies or tricks to increase a player’s odds. This may not be attractive to some players, but to others, it makes slots an entertaining activity that can be enjoyed by gamblers of all skill levels. That is exactly how it goes in Italy.

A Bit of History

The Italian government has been actively supportive of all forms of gambling in the country. However, when the internet presented a new source of gambling, most of Europe took a harsh stance which included heavy regulations governing any online gambling. Except for Italy. The Italian government saw an opportunity and although they implement their form of regulation, the guidelines are not as strict as other parts of the continent.

The significant change in Italy came about in 2006. That was when the government introduced its regulations on online gambling. It allows operators to provide sports betting as one of their services in both retail and online formats. Remote and online betting was also permitted but with the addition of a few guidelines. All of the licensing and regulation was handed over to the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies (AASM).

The basic rules set out by the AASM require operators setting up shop in Italy to apply for a license. Once granted, the operator must use an .it domain and have servers that are located within the Italian borders. The AASM also carries a great deal of influence as they have created a black list of over 500 gambling sites they consider to be illegal. ISPs in the country must, by law, block these site IPs. The Italian government agreed.

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Those guidelines remained in place until 2007. That was when European Union member countries gathered together to attempt to get all participants to eliminate protective measures that blocked internet entrepreneurs from some countries and not others. The goal was to create an EU-friendly online atmosphere. Italy complied and in 2009, the government chose to legalize other forms of gambling including fixed odds, poker, and ring games.

Probably the biggest change to gambling regulations in Italy took place in the form of taxation. While all forms of gambling were already taxed, the method was a turnover-based regime. That didn’t change for sports betting, skill-based games, or lotteries. However, newly legalized gambling opportunities were now subject to a 20% tax on all profits. This completely opened up the playing field to where Italian gamblers now had access to many more games of chance.

The Gambling Guidelines In Italy Today

Things changed again in Italy in 2011. That was when the application process for a gambling license went through an update and gambling offerings were to permit poker and casino games, except slots. There were other restrictions in place for poker, but slots were eventually fully legalized in 2012. Since that time, slots have become one of the most popular gambling activities in all of Italy. Further changes took place that year.

The AAMS came to an end. The Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM) handles all gambling matters. It makes sense when you consider that the ADM is Italy’s customs and monopoly agency working under the umbrella of the Ministry of Finance. Gambling advertising guidelines were changed the same year and by the end of 2015, the Stability Law took control over advertising keeping it from encouraging excessive gambling, and taxes went up in 2019 with the approval of the Budget Law.

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The Top Online Slots In Italy

Here is a look at the best online slots in Italy. You will discover some well-known brands here which have attracted a lot of attention from gamblers in Italy.

Award-winning customer support is what promotes as their major perk. It makes sense because if your support department is so good that it wins an award, then you can trust that should a problem arise, there won’t be much problem in reaching a favorable solution. features hundreds of online slot and casino games from more than 40 of the industry’s top software providers. There is a generous three-bonus Welcome Package worth up to $200 and 200 Free Spins, Daily Deals from seasonal promotional calendars, extra bonuses, and incentives for players who join the Star Rewards Club which includes VIP specials.

Leo Vegas

This is a well-known international player in the internet casino world. Leo Vegas offers a choice of three different Welcome Bonuses totaling up to $1,000 and 225 Free Spins. This award-winning online casino has a great reputation and a downloadable mobile app where you can access your account anytime and play anytime.

William Hill

This is another well-known international casino brand. The site contains slots and casino games including over 100 different progressive slot games. The Welcome Bonus is a 100% deposit match with a limit of $300.

Gioco Digfitale

The Welcome Package to this gambling site has a limit of $500 and 100 Free Spins. The website offers smooth game action on any device, and several different bonus offers. As for the game selection, players have access to over 800 different real money slots and casino games.

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Featuring a 100% match bonus Welcome Package of up to $200, is another well-known online casino site. It is actually a sportsbook, online, and live casino all combined. There are weekly tournament prizes available here and many different sporting events to bet on along with a great selection of slot games from leading software developers.

Final Thoughts

Italy may have several regulations in place for online gambling, but compared to other EU members, Italy is quite liberal in its views of gambling. Plus, the government tends to revisit its laws and regulations making frequent updates to address changes in the industry. If you are a fan of slots, and you happen to live in or visit Italy, you can rest assured that you will still be able to enjoy your favorite pastime without a problem.