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the slot machine in casino

The superhero slots that are out of this world

The rules concerning online gambling are changing across the United States, with a growing number of states rushing to legally remove the long-running and highly contentious blanket ban on betting. New Jersey was quickest out of the blocks when taking advantage of the new rules, allowing residents and visitors to […]

Online Slots Experience

Top Real Money Casinos in Canada (April 2022)

Canadians can enjoy some of the world’s best online casinos thanks to their country’s gambling laws. There are no laws against offshore gambling sites, so a lot of big online casinos also accept Canadian players, offering thousands of different casino games and lots of amazing bonuses. Online casinos offer a […]

Gambling concept image suggesting the idea of playing slots, poker and roulette games at top Italian online casino sites using mobile devices. 3D Rendered illustration on light background

Best Online Slots In Italy

Gambling in all forms is active in Italy. This also includes online gambling. Without a doubt, slots are one of the most popular games of chance in the country. It makes sense, considering slots are probably the easiest casino game to play and since there is little or no skill […]

Gambling concept image suggesting the idea of playing online bingo games using apps on mobile devices. 3D Rendered illustration on a dark blue background with copy space

Bingo vs Slingo: How Do They Compare?

Aside from having fun names, and being easy and fun to play, what do you know about the differences between Bingo and Slingo? You may be surprised to find that there are a lot of similarities between the two games and if you are a veteran Bingo player, you may […]

Full length of batsman playing cricket on pitch against blue sky during sunny day

Step Up Your Cricket Betting Game With These Tips

Indulging in online sports betting has become prevalent among the masses because of how accessible the industry has become. Today, you can be sitting right at your home and still be able to place wagers without having to move a muscle. Besides, there are numerous betting options, even if you’re […]

Futuristic night city. Isometric neon cityscape in the dark background. Map for game screen. Vector buildings landscape for UI interface

Do Slots Pay More At Night?

You’ve got to wonder, right? Why does it seem as if there appear to be so many more slot winners at night in the casino than during the day? There has to be a reason and logic tells us that it could have something to do with how the slots […]