How to Gamble Online in Iowa    

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If you’re in Iowa and want to try your hand at sports betting, you’d be happy to know it’s legal in what’s known as social casinos. At the moment, online casinos in the state are off limits. Social ones, on the other hand, are free and don’t require a deposit.

Users of social casinos get a certain amount of coins or tokens upon signing up. These are used to play table games and online slot machines. It’s even possible to win prizes or real money with these tokens. Technically, this type of play is closer to sweepstakes because you don’t risk losing real money.

If you want to enjoy online gambling in Iowa, social casinos are the best option. This way, you aren’t exposed to the risks of offshore gambling sites.

Legalizing Online Gambling in the Hawkeye State

The state made some efforts to launch online sports betting, but there haven’t really been any significant legislative ones to roll out online gambling for real money. Poker is illegal as well. Market analysts expect a push for gambling apps and sites in the next few years as sports betting takes root and the state begins to develop a tradition with this industry.

You can download mobile betting apps in Iowa easily on Android or iOS. The top providers’ apps will follow suit if the state adopts legislation to allow online casinos. Then, people will enjoy playing slots, online table games, online poker, and more.

What Games Can You Expect?

Among the games expected to launch in the future are online slots, lottery, online poker, and online blackjack.

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Online Slots

Online slots are becoming more and more popular across the country. Their pluses include never having to physically search for a machine with your limits of choice and not having to wait for your favorite game.


Online lottery is still illegal in Iowa, but the state has a state-run one. If gambling legislation is amended, the state will embrace an online option.

Online Poker

The fact that Iowa doesn’t allow online poker now is liable to change. If you play Texas Hold’em or other popular versions online, the rules aren’t likely to be different. To read the other players, you must brush up on betting patterns as you can’t see them.

Online blackjack

Blackjack is a good option for newbies and more experienced players. Hands are played rapidly and it’s easy to get used to the game.

Live Dealer Games

At present, these games are not widely available in the US. Even if Iowa legalizes online casinos, they probably won’t be easy to find. They incorporate a video stream with a dealer running the game remotely because players like seeing an actual person dealing hands.

Deposit and Withdraw Methods

If Iowa legalizes online casinos, players will have a number of payment methods available to them. The biggest operators in the country accept deposits by debit and credit card. However, these transactions can still be flagged by some banks, even if online casino gambling is legal in the state.

If you run into credit or debit card issues, you might find online prepaid cards a reliable alternative. They function similarly to a middleman for payment transactions. You can send money from your bank or card account to a prepaid card and use it to make a deposit. It’s possible to withdraw wins to the card as well.

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A lot of online casinos accept deposits from PayPal, Skrill, and other e-wallets. You can make a transfer from your e-wallet to the casino and vice versa.