The Three Most Mysterious and Magical Slot Games

mysterious slot symbols

With the full moon just around the corner, it feels like magic is in the air. Everybody loves taking a few spins on the slot machine, but if you really want to feel some of that mystical energy, then you need to find the right game to fit the mood. Thankfully slot game developers are an endlessly creative bunch, so there are thousands of titles to choose from. These are three of our cherry-picked favorites, after all, three is the magic number!

 Rosella’s Lucky Fortunes

Rosella’s Lucky Fortunes is based on the idea of a Romani fortune-teller. Although the traditional Romani fortune-teller is less widely-seen nowadays, you only need to look back a hundred years or so to find Roma fortune tellers as a common part of everyday life. All Romani women were once believed to have powers of divination, which for a fee, they would use to decide the fortune of non-Romani, or ‘Gadje’ people. The makers behind this slot game have taken this idea of the mystical Romani woman and created Rosella, a fortune teller with a crystal ball in hand, who takes center stage in this video slot game.

The art in this game is what sets it apart from all others, various lucky symbols are used on the reels, including the four-leaf clover, a third eye, the Hamsa symbol, and a crystal ball. The combination of these alongside the twanging soundtrack and Rosella’s presence makes the whole game feel decidedly mystical. Better still are the plethora of extra features that the game boasts. There are five base game modifiers. The first enables Rosella to conjure up large runs of symbols, making it much easier for you to strike a winning combination. The next is the lucky wild, which can turn one of your reels wild. She can also magic up a 5 of a kind win, as well as free spins with the help of her trusty magpie.

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3 Witches

Halloween Witch girl with making witchcraft, magic in her hands, spells. Beautiful young woman in witches hat conjuring. Spooky dark magic forest background. Magician. Wide Halloween party art design
One of the most magical online slot games is 3 Witches. This slot introduces you to three different witches, each with their own character. The reels are filled with magical items too; candles, potions, and books of spells. The three witches are known best in most of the Western world, as the conjurors from Macbeth. Have you ever heard the poem that begins, ‘double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble’? These are the words from the witches’ chant in William Shakespeare’s play, and it’s these three witches that undoubtedly inspired the makers behind the 3 Witches slot game.

The witches in this game are perhaps slightly more glamorous than in Shakespeare’s play, but the overall atmosphere is just as spooky. The soundtrack is exactly what you’d expect from a Halloween film and the reel images are magical too. A pestle and mortar made of bone and rock, pumpkins with glowing eyes, a witch on her broomstick, a crow by the light of the moon, and a vial of glistening potion. This game is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Balthazar’s Wild Emporium

The name Balthazar pops up frequently throughout history. It seems to insist that its person leads an interesting life. Who’s to say which of the many famous Balthazars the creators of Balthazar’s Wild Emporium based their title character on, but he certainly seems an eccentric chap. Wearing a magenta tailcoat and sporting a top hat with a plume of bright green, Balthazar is the character that guides you through this mystical slot game.

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The soundtrack is reminiscent of medieval England, whilst the jewel-colored reels are like something from Alice in Wonderland. This slot takes a more friendly approach, with simple features and user interface, making it the perfect one for people who are still learning how to play. It too offers base game modifiers and a generous free spins bonus. The colossal wilds multiplier is just the ticket for people who want to win thousands of free spins.