Top 5 Most Popular Slots In The UK This Fall

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Online slots a very popular in the United Kingdom. British gamblers are fond of many of the features available at online casinos including welcome bonuses, 3D graphics, slots with various themes and interesting storylines, and progressive slots. In this article, we will explore the many different types of slots available in the UK and list the top 5 most popular slot games in the country.

The Different Types of Slots

In the UK, online slots fall under two main categories. Some slots are grouped by denomination and others by the number of reels. The denomination slots accept various amounts of money that are then used to support a bet when a player spins the reels. The most popular of the denomination slots are “penny slots” which accept pennies for bets. The next most popular denomination slot is the “nickel slots” followed by, in descending order, quarters, dollars, and high limit. The popularity of penny slots comes from the fact that a player only needs a few pennies to get in on the action. Plus, pennies are not a large investment to make. The downside to penny slots is that the payouts will be smaller.

As for reels, slot machines come in various sizes based on the number of reels they contain. A reel is the “wheel” that spins and has various symbols that determine if a spin is a winner or not and how big a jackpot is won. Traditional slots are the ones with just 3-reels. The more reels in a slot machine, the larger the jackpots tend to be. However, with more reels, it becomes harder to spin a winning jackpot. Slot machines use something called a random number generator and this keeps play fair for everyone making it impossible to determine a pattern or strategy to win at slots. In the UK, slots come with 3 reels, 5 reels, 6 reels, and even 7 reels. Learn more here about online slot machines.

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How To Choose The Best Online Slots

In the UK, there are three main tips for selecting the best slots to play online. They revolve around the coin value, the jackpots, and the RTP (Return to Player) percentage. The coin value refers to the amount of money a player can bet per pay line. This varies with the number of pay lines available. A player can customize a bet per spin with the amount of money to be bet per line, and how many lines to apply that same bet upon. As for jackpots, there are two main types. Slots payout regular jackpots and some slots payout progressive jackpots.

A progressive jackpot may include other slots in the same venue connected or slots from different venues connected in a network. A portion of each bet placed on a progressive jackpot slot goes into the progressive pot. When there is a pay out, it can be very large. The last thing to consider is the RTP. All slots have their RTP noted and the percentage figure indicates how large the House Edge is on a particular machine. Slots with an RTP of 94% pay out less than ones with a 97% RTP.

The Top 5 Most Popular UK Slots

Here is a look at the top five most popular slot games currently in the UK.

Number One – Mighty Arthur

This is a 5-reel slot that revolves around the King Arthur theme. The 20 pay-line game follows the story of Arthur Pendragon who removes the Excalibur sword from a stone, marries Guinevere, and receives assistance from Merlin, his trusty partner. Many different bonus games use Merlin Random Wilds that boost bonus wins. There are other Wilds including a large 3×1 King Arthur. Other symbols featured include Guinevere, the Holy Grail, a Bonus Crown, and others. Some of these trigger free spins. The soundtrack is described as regal, and the graphics are cartoonish, but this is a fun game to play.

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Number Two – Ozzy Osborne Video Slots

This NetEnt video slot focuses on the solo years of British rocker Ozzy Osborne. There are 20 pay lines, a loud, thumping, rock soundtrack, and many bonuses built within the game. The key one is the Bonus Bet which doubles a player’s stake and adds multipliers and free spins to the equation. It is a wild ride for fans of Ozzy and even for players just looking for a slot that has the right kind of noise to get you noticed and engaged in the game activity.

Number Three – Sherlock Mystery

Sherlock Holmes is the featured character in this 5 reel, 20 pay line slot machine. The graphics have a sepia tone to them that makes them look old, rustic, and classic. The soundtrack hints at the Pink Panther and the symbols that spin on the reels all add to the storyline. There are daggers, pistols, Moriarty, and even Watson. A bonus symbol is a magnifying glass. A few of these trigger a Crime Scene Bonus where the player gets to attempt at solving the crime. There is also a free game bonus round that pops up. In all, a fun game for fans of mystery and intrigue.

Number Four – Ascot Sporting Legends

The 300-year old annual horse race is the theme of this 5 reel slot. Ascot is a significant date on the British calendar and presents the opportunity to dress up and participate as a spectator at one of the country’s premier sporting events. The slot has 25 pay lines, with a soundtrack of music best described as pomp and ceremonial. Symbols are numerous with Ascot trophies, horseshoes, stopwatches, and more. Racing horses are the scatter symbol and players hitting three scatters will trigger a free game bonus. There are wilds, multipliers, and more making this as much fun as a day at the races.

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Number Five – Jekyll And Hyde

The Victorian London backdrop serves as the theme for this 5 reel tale. The classic story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is perfectly matched with a soundtrack that features tolling church bells and the sound of stagecoaches during the night. Symbols include both the main characters and others. When a player triggers a bonus round, they get to play it as their favorite character. Each character brings different features to the bonus round. This is a fun online slot game, even if it tends to have a dark, mysterious side to it.

Final Thoughts

Online slots are popular with British gamblers. The games they tend to play the most all have connections to the United Kingdom and feature themes that are historic, classic, and fun. With great features including bonuses, you can’t go wrong playing any of the top five online slots featured above.