Betting Strategies When Approaching NFL Games

Jacksonville, Florida USA October 18 2020 NFL Detroit Lions vs Jacksonville Jaguars Matthew Stafford D'Andre Swift

As each week of the NFL approaches, many bettors remain on the lookout for scores, stats, and NFL lines to make the most out of their next picks. So far, it’s clear to see which teams and players continue to put out solid game performances with great postseason potential. 

Still, it is not always about the apparent numbers, as most stats are volatile and will tend to drift as weeks go by. That is why developing a solid betting strategy might just offer users a way to approach the dynamic from a different angle. 

The pitch is clear; don’t just go for the apparent numbers but consider all angles, and you might just set yourself on the winning end. With numerous stats being recorded and posted every week, specific tips can narrow some priorities when taking all numbers in at once and making some value of your next bet. 

Always Look beyond the Spread 

Point spreads are easy to understand yet are sometimes misinterpreted in terms of fooling fans. Let’s take the Cardinals and the Lions game on Sunday night as an example. Arizona, currently dominating with a 10-3 season record, indeed has a lead over Detroit’s awful 1-11-1 mark. So, the spread might very well be over the +10/-10 mark. 

Still, let’s say the Lions were playing just as well as Arizona, and the spread was tight and sitting at just -3, favoring the Cardinals. That would put bettors in an exciting situation where Arizona remains the team to opt for. However, if the spread is set at -5 for the Cards, the balance could lean slowly towards the underdog. 

Suddenly, an actual game has now split even more in favor of Arizona on a spread of -5. Still, placing the Lions at +5 might have just given the Detroit squad an edge for bettors to appreciate a potential growth in their earnings. Keep in mind that the game is set to finish with a close score, so taking a bit more risk might just result in a more significant win. 

These tight spreads are interesting to look at as they offer bettors an alternative to swiftly lean towards the underdogs for a much juicier win than just a safe bet on the strongest squad. Additionally, reading these spreads might give bettors a chance to win bigger when games look even and challenge them to take risks to add to their gains. 

Consider Location and Time Zone 

When looking at upcoming games, don’t just appreciate the obvious. Most fans will see both teams’ season records and will be inclined to favor any of the two sides on a winning streak. There is nothing wrong with reading stats as they stand on their own, but factors such as location and time zone can have an interesting impact on results. 

Consider, for example, the Dallas Cowboys visiting the New York Jets in New Jersey. Flight time is just below the three-hour line, and currently, there is just an hour between CST and EST time zones. Still, the longer the traveling time is, the more effects it can potentially have on players’ physical performance. Adding travel time to one-hour to two-hour time zone differences could potentially hit players with minimal to gradual levels of fatigue that could ultimately impact their game delivery. 

Location is yet another factor that should not be overlooked. Any team starts with a 60% chance of winning when playing at their home field. Although this is statistically true, it doesn’t always appear due to the game’s stats. Yet, it’s a basic rule which should be considered, especially when it’s all about making the most intelligent decisions based on the most accurate numbers.

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