British Columbia Woman Wins $1 Million Playing Slots

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A British Columbia resident has won big after hitting the slots at Treasure Cove Casino.

Brittany Hammell from Prince George won $1.06 million playing the Wheel of Fortune Hawaiian Getaway slot machine.

In a press release speaking of her win, Brittany said: “I didn’t believe it at first, I was just in shock at the time. To be honest, it still hasn’t quite kicked in yet.”

She added: “It feels good to win. I think our family will look into buying a house and helping to set up the future for our family.”

The Powerbucks winner won on the odds of 1 in 25 million of reaching the top jackpot. She wagered just $3.

The progressive jackpot of $1 million or higher grows as Canadians contribute to the machines more and more across the country.

A portion of every wager from players across the jurisdictions of Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and P.E.I. is added to the jackpot each time until it is won.

The machine is completely random so the odds of winning across the country are the exact same with each spin.

Brittany is the 12th progressive jackpot winner for Powerbucks in Canada since its launch in 2016.

She is the second Prince George Powerbucks winner this year.

Back on July 13, player Marlyne Dumoulin won $2.1 million playing on a different machine, which was the largest recorded win in the history of the province.

Speaking back in July to CFJC Today, Marlyne said: “I was just in shock. I thought I had won $2,100, but my husband who was sitting beside me said he thought it was a lot more than that.

“That night was so surreal … I wasn’t able to sleep or eat for the first two days. I actually have bandages on my fingers from chewing my fingernails.”

Treasure Cove has more than 500 gaming machines to play and table games including blackjack, bingo, four card poker, fortune pai gow poker, ultimate texas hold’em, electronic roulette, fast action hold’em, NL Texas hold’em.

There are also two restaurants on-site.

Gambling in Canada was banned in 1892 by the Criminal Code. However, it gained widespread acceptance again in 1969 when the Code was changed.

Ten years later, horse racing was accepted into the country. By 1925, fairs were allowed to hold gambling events.

The first lottery took place in 1974 to raise funds for the Olympics in Montreal.

The new rulings allowed the provinces and territories to raise funds for worthwhile causes through regulated lotteries.

Canada shows no sign of slowing down, either, as its gambling resorts continue to report strong profits and citizens spend billions every year trying their luck on both machines and table games.

There’s no surprise when citizens keep coming away with such big wins.

For now, It looks like Brittany plans to keep things simple and not allow the $1 million cash prize to take over her life.

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