No Deposit Bonuses Versus First Deposit Bonuses: What are the Main Differences & Similarities

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In almost every online casino site out there, you’ll always find these two similar terms: No deposit bonus and first deposit Bonus. No deposit bonuses are often synonymous with the term ‘free-to-play,’ while first deposit bonuses are welcome bonuses that you get once you start paying and playing. 

Online casinos value their players very much and, using these two kinds of promotional offers, often try to keep their player base. If you’re a a first-time player and aren’t sure of which kind of bonus you’d like to experience, read on to figure out which one can help lead you to a streak of luck and big bucks.


No Deposit Bonus

A No Deposit Bonus is used to entice new players into trying out a casino for free. This is especially preferred by new players who want to see what the casino has to offer them and is usually received simply by signing up to the site. Some casinos offer free spins with no deposit required, while others may offer the player free chips. The initial bonus the player receives is a small amount, usually ranging from $5 to $50, which allows them to play any game without facing any real risk.

Occasionally, the online casino that offers no deposit bonuses can give freebies to their players through bonus codes found on their social media sites or their landing page. Unfortunately, no deposit bonuses only cover a few certain games and they’re often tied to wagering requirements or even withdrawal limits. This means that before you can withdraw any amount from your winnings, you’ll have to wager a certain amount. These are usually seen in the terms of service of the online casino. Wagering requirements also vary from game to game. 


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First Deposit Bonus

A first deposit bonus, also called a welcome bonus, is given to new players who signed up to the online casino, usually as a symbol of generosity and friendliness from the staff. To activate the first deposit bonus, the player must first make their initial deposit in order to obtain a bonus code. Once that bonus is activated, a percentage of that bonus is sent straight to the player’s account; this money is given to the player for signing up to their site and for making their initial deposit. The bonus is given to the player so they can keep playing in the casino as the cash that can be won from this kind of bonus is significantly higher than a no deposit bonus.

For some online casinos, first deposit bonuses may even land the player in the casino’s VIP membership where, aside from making bigger winnings, they can even win hotel stays for free at land-based casinos. After fulfilling the wagering requirements, the player can win thousands of dollars. Thus, the player should always find the best possible offer they can so their deposits don’t go to waste. Commonly, these bonuses can only be offered once per site, therefore choosing the right casino before making any deposit is key. 

Unlike no deposit bonuses, first deposit bonuses are more versatile in terms of the games they cover. They also come in different types:

  • Loyalty bonuses, as the name implies, are offered to players who frequent the online casino since they made their initial deposit. As the player makes their way through the loyalty ladder, their prizes, freebies, and even their winnings grow in variety. Such rewards may also come in the form of free spins and monthly match bonuses.
  • Match deposit bonuses, as the name implies, match your initial deposit with a fixed bonus percentage. For example, depositing $100 and getting a 500% match will get you a sum of $500 dollars to start with. This is possible to cash out, but most casinos will have a withdrawal limit.
  • Sticky bonuses allow you to make bets but you won’t be able to keep any of these. This type of bonus, however, allows you to play a game before you make your deposit. After fulfilling any of the wagering requirements, withdrawing all of your winnings is always an option. The real bonus here is the bonus money given to players who signed up, but this will be deducted from your winnings.


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Similarities and Differences

As stated earlier, online casinos need to maintain their player base. By using no deposit bonuses and first deposit bonuses, online casinos can entice players to sign up and try the site, eventually getting them to stay and play their games. 

Players who are particular about a casino’s style, layout, and ease of use will definitely want to try the no deposit bonus. In addition, such players, especially if they want to play low-risk games, will stick around more than those who are willing to spend their hard-earned cash. On the other hand, for first-time players who think their luck is on fire and would like to earn ridiculous amounts of money through high-risk games, the first deposit bonus is always their first choice. Both of these kinds of bonuses can be tied to wagering requirements and withdrawal limits, but either one is an effective strategy for the online casino to gain new players.

As for the differences between the two, no deposit bonuses are often strictly tied to specific kinds of games like slots, while first deposit bonuses cover many, many more. In terms of the amounts of winnings the player can earn, first deposit bonuses easily win over no deposit bonuses. This is due to their game versatility as well as the different types of first deposit bonuses offered by a casino. 


Win Big or Play Free

In the end, the choice is always up to you. If you’re looking to try a quick casino experience, there’s always the no deposit bonus. You only need to sign up, and you don’t need to spend any real money to play. You can even follow the online casino on social media if you want to win freebies. However, if you’re looking to get some serious dough tossed into your bank account with better freebies, prizes, and more games to be played, pick the first deposit bonus. After all, when luck is on your side, you’re bound to know where you’ll win.