5 Reasons Why You Always Lose At Slots

Pros of Slot Games

Slot machines, like any casino game, are designed to earn the operator money. However, players do win back a portion of their wagers and sometimes hit big jackpots. While this does happen, the majority of the time, gamblers end up losing at the slots. In this article, we will look at five of the top reasons why that happens.

Reason #1 – Playing Without Limits

You have very likely heard the phrase, “Quit while you’re ahead.” This is good advice when playing the slots. While it may be possible to win a few thousand dollars at a one-armed bandit, it is quite easy to lose all of that and more in the chase to increase your winnings. The best way to keep a handle on things is to set a profit and loss limit. This means that if you set your limit at $500, once you reach that point either in losses or wins, that is your cue to step away from the casino and call it a night. When you gamble with limits and stay within them, you can be at the casino knowing that you have some control over how much you are willing to lose and how much you consider a good enough amount to win and take away with you.

Reason #2 – Playing Just To Earn Perks

Casinos are tricky places to be at times. Depending on the casino, players are offered countless perks just by spinning the slot machine reels. Typically, these comps are earned through high-volume spinning which means you could easily earn a free room, casino cashback, limo rides, passes to local attractions, and much more. But these offers are not free. Each one is unlocked after you complete a set number of spins. Each spin requires you to make a bet. So, in reality, that free room you just earned cost you a few hundred or thousand dollars in bets that you probably didn’t win much from. Playing the slots to earn perks is the same as gambling without limits in place to give you some control.

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Reason #3 – Playing While Drinking Alcohol

Have you ever wondered why drinks are often free in casinos? The idea is to get gamblers to loosen up a bit more. Once a gambler loosens up, that gambler is likely to start spending more at the slots and not pay attention to how much they are spending or losing. It’s not fair by any means as serving a steady flow of booze to gamblers is a dangerous game of manipulation. It’s just human nature that the more intoxicated a gambler becomes, the freer they become in how they spend their money. Even if a casino does not offer free drinks to patrons, booze is still quite easy to access and is far from expensive. Casino operators know exactly how alcohol can increase their profits and use it as a tool to do that.

Reason #4 – Playing Without Taking Advantage of Bonuses

Casino bonuses differ from casino perks. The best bonuses come from online casino sites and are often identified as either a welcome bonus or a sign-up bonus. Depending on the site, welcome bonuses are attached to a new player’s first deposit. Sometimes they extend to several more deposits and will match the amount of the deposit by certain percentages. Each online site is different, but many provide up to 100% match bonuses. A match bonus is essentially free money – okay, free credits – that the casino gives you to keep you playing. The free credits are as good as money and may be what gets you that big jackpot you have been trying to win. To find out more about playing online slots and winning, visit CasinosAnalyzer.com.

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Reason #5 – Playing Without Considering The Slot Variance

Not all slot machines are equal. They all have something called variance or volatility. It is a term used to describe how often the machine will generate a winning combination. The easy way to remember what a variance can mean is that machines that offer more wins will pay lower amounts and slots that have fewer wins tend to cough up bigger jackpots. A high variance machine will have fewer wins, but typically big wins. Progressive slots are usually in the high variance zone. The best slots to seek out are those that fall within the zone of medium variance. These machines provide players with a better balance of wins and payouts. The variance of a machine should be easy to locate as it must be publicly shared with players.

Ways To Increase Your Chances

There are a few tricks you can employ at the casino that will increase the odds of you winning at the slots. Here is a quick review of three key factors to consider.

Use Maximum Bets

As much as this may not sound like solid advice, it is. But spending the maximum per bet allowed on the slot you are playing, you can unlock one of many different bonuses that the specific slot machine you are playing has to offer. That could be free spins, mini-games within the game, and even bigger jackpots when you hit them.

Increase Your Bankroll While Winning

As you gather some better payouts from maximizing your bets, use some of those winnings to replenish your bankroll. If you budget wisely, you may be able to win back all you have spent and still be able to gamble within your budget. But you can’t do this effectively if you don’t stash some of your winnings aside for future use.

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Hone Your Skills On Free Slots

Many online casinos offer a section of free-to-play slot games or cheap penny slots. Although slots require little in the way of skill, visiting the free section of an online casino can help beginners to get the hang of specific machines learning the timing, what sorts of bonus features exist and what to expect during normal gameplay.

Final Thoughts

Although slots are so easy to play, there are no guarantees that you will win a big jackpot. However, there are reasons why you may not have much luck. The list above should give you some direction on what to look for the next time you visit a casino in-person or online.