5 things you didn’t know about the Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways Slots Game

Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways

Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways

Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways is one of the most popular online slot games there is today. This highly sought-after slot game is the brainchild of GameArt and is designed to keep players hooked thanks to the many opportunities there are to win. Rosh Immortality is based on fantasy characters that must fight each other for points.

Get started with Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways Slot

To get started, you will need to pick a coin value. There are several coin values that you can choose from ranging from 0.01 to 5.00. A player’s total bet is the coin value multiplied by 40. As such, the smallest bet that one can place at any one time is 0.40 while the largest is 200.000. Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways Slot game has an autoplay mode that allows a player to set limits that safeguard their bet.

Players should know Rosh Immortality Cube’s main features

If you want to increase your chances of succeeding and winning real money, then you must do your best to acquaint yourself with all the features that the game has to offer. This is important not only for enhancing your gaming experience but also for safeguarding your cash.

Which features should be on the lookout for when playing Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways Slot?

The fantasy theme

The Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways Slot is set in an amazing fantasy world that will have you engrossed as soon as you start playing. As soon as you start playing, you will be met with a series of super-human characters on the reels that look almost similar to what you would find at World of Warcraft.

According to megawaysslots.com, the characters in the game were developed in conjunction with Roshtein, which as is one of the most recognizable streamers and gamblers on Twitch. Even though Roshtein has amassed quite a huge following online, he is somewhat of a controversial figure thanks to his allied links with unreliable and sometimes unlicensed casinos.

At its advent, The Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways Slot was originally known as the Roshtein Immortality Cube Megaways but the name was changed to avoid controversy. If you are looking for a vibrant game to keep you occupied, then you will not be disappointed by Rosh’s fantasy theme.

There is an array of ways to win on Rosh Immortality

In Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways, players will appreciate the huge variety of ways that one can win. As one of the most highly sought-after games, the demand for people who want to play this slot game is high. This slot boasts 6 reels.

Every time a player spins a reel, each one has the potential to produce 2 to 7 symbols. A player wins by landing 2 or 3 more scenarios of the same symbol on adjacent reels. Whenever a player spins a reel, they have up to 117,649 ways to walk away with winnings.

Know the slot game’s symbols

When playing the game, you will come across an array of symbols that you must familiarize yourself with if you want to succeed. Some of the most common symbols include stone tablets containing the 4 card suits. The game also has 2 interlocking rings, as well as a hammer and shield.

These symbols will be accompanied by several characters including a golden goblin, a bearded fighter holding on to a trapped sword, as well as an elf woman dressed in blue. When spinning your reels, you want to aim for the elf lady dressed in blue as she is the most valuable symbol of the bunch. She is worth 500x your coin value when you win.

Keep a lookout for bonus symbols

The scatter symbol in this slot game is a hooded man holding his hand out. This man was modeled after Rosh himself. The wild in the game is the fiery three-headed dog and you can use it as a substitute for all standard symbols. If you are looking to bring home the win, then this is a great symbol to have in your arsenal.


Whenever a player wins, all the winning symbols vanish from the grid and are replaced by a cascading series of symbols. This will cause new combinations and new chances of winning. There is no limit to how many cascades can occur following a single spin, which increases your chances of walking away with money even further.

What about the bonus features?

Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways Bonus Features

Some of the bonus features that you should be aware of include:

Mystery Features that consist of:

  • Mystery multiplier that will multiply your winnings by up to x100.
  • Mystery Cubes appear and change random symbols into others thus increasing one’s chances of winning. When playing, up to 12 mystery cubes can appear.
  • Mystery Ways offers players 3 spins with very re-spin which increases the possibilities of winning.

Free spins

When a player lands 4, 5, or 6 Rosh scatters, it earns them 8, 10, or 12 free spins in that order. The free spins section of the game is played on an entirely different grid. Players can spin free spins as a means of landing multipliers that then boost the value of one’s original bet. The multipliers range in value from x1 to x100.

Free Mystery Cubes

If one should encounter a multicolored mystery cube symbol when playing their free spins, the player gets awarded with one of the following:

Mystery double which doubles the value of all multipliers on the player’s reels.

Mystery collect which is a multiplier that is off whenever the player attains a value of x100 or more.

Mystery removal eliminates the least valuable multipliers on a player’s list.

Buy free spins

Aside from earning them, a player can also buy free spin rounds. All one has to do is pick the number of spins and bet size. 8 spins will cost a player 100x the value of their bet, 10 spins 150x, while 12 spins will cost 215x the value of one’s bet.


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