Amazing Cash-Free Solutions for Slots Players Coming up From Scientific Games

Scientific Games

Scientific Games

Scientific Games Corporation has revealed an array of post-COVID-19 contactless gaming solutions to allow operators to reopen.

Casinos across America have started to reopen after months of lockdown, but now need to follow strict safety procedures to prevent a second coronavirus outbreak. Most casinos are temperature-checking guests at the door, and require them to wear a mask at all times. Protective screens have been set up to separate players and staff, and casino capacity has been dropped to around 50%.

The new solutions from Scientific Games work to support the new sanitation procedures and assist with social distancing rules while keeping gaming fun and players and staff safe. It is hoped the measures will help to better play in the long run.

Executive Vice President and Gaming Group Executive Matt Wilson said: “Scientific Games has always been committed to innovation, but it is now more critical than ever to develop solutions that help our partners address and adapt to the new normal.

“Our suite of contactless gaming solutions enables our partners to deliver a new, yet fun and engaging gaming experience for their players all while keeping them safe. This advanced technology sets a new standard for the industry and is available for our partners now.”

The corporation has introduced a number of long-term fixes for the post-COVID-19 world. These include cashless payments via mobile app, sanitization detection software, and game reservation opportunities. More detail on each solution can be found below.


Unified Wallet

This mobile app allows players to access their cash to play table games and slots on the casino floor. Players will no longer need to use the ATM or visit the kiosk to play and will reduce costs for casino operators. Players will be able to keep an eye on their wins and potential losses from casino games through the app, and won’t need to visit the casino cafe to redeem tickets.

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Automated Game Sanitization

Casinos that have now reopened have to follow strict sanitization rules to ensure the casino floor remains a safe place for both players and staff. Automated Game Sanitization eliminates the task of manually searching for games than need to be cleaned. Instead, the solution works to identify slot machines that need cleaning straight after play has finished and flags them up with the casino team. Operators can also schedule regular cleaning intervals to cover all bases.


Social Distancing Module

This mobile provides operators with three distinct features – dynamic distancing, Resort and Game Reserve, and EGM Scheduler. These all help to maintain public safety now required by gaming officials while helping players to keep access to their favorite casino games: 

Dynamic Distancing ensures all slots players are kept at a safe distance from one another. While some casinos have removed half of their machines from the floor, this isn’t necessary with dynamic distancing. Instead, whenever a player cards into a game, all machines in close proximity will shut down.

Resort Reserve and Game Reserve give players the chance to reserve their favorite slot machine before visiting the casino. This means players can play as they normally would, but in a safe and more controlled manner to ensure social distancing can be adhered to.

EGM Scheduler allows casino operators to release a list of games that should remain enabled on the casino floor. This effectively means they can take control of Dynamic Distancing, and make sure player-favorites and the most lucrative Vegas slot machines stay on throughout the day. Doing so will significantly help casinos to maintain steady cash flow from their most played games.

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