The rising star of online slot machines: Hacksaw Gaming

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Passionate gamblers are already on fire for a new star in the gaming sky! Hacksaw Gaming is on everyone’s lips. Not only scratch cards, but also slots of the young company are becoming more and more popular! But what distinguishes the company, founded in 2018? What are the wishes and ambitions of the creators that distinguish them from other providers? To get further details, read more about Hacksaw Gaming slots on Casino.Guide or check them out directly.

Hacksaw Gaming – a step into the future?

It has long been no secret that mobile gaming is on the rise. Under the motto “mobile first”, the gaming company Hacksaw Gaming, which has been in existence since 2018, focuses precisely on this modernization of the gaming world. In the beginning, everything started with the programming of scratch cards, but Hacksaw is now also focusing on slots. So far, there are around 75 slots in the portfolio of the young company, and the trend is rising.

From the very beginning, it was clear to the operators that this should not be about classic desktop games, but about mobile solutions that are programmed on an HTML5 basis. The goal of the founders of Hacksaw Gaming: to advance the mobile gaming world and to work on innovative game concepts for gamblers that make the presence of a desktop station superfluous.

But why focus so heavily on mobile? The news in gaming is that more and more people are turning their backs on the computer and favoring the smartphone. Everyday life is organized in the form of apps, and there is a suitable app for almost every industry. So it is only understandable that the gaming sector has to follow suit. Poorly adapted slots and failures in mobile gaming are circumstances that Hacksaw Gaming does not want to accept.

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Variety and inventiveness – that’s what Hacksaw Gaming focuses on

Boredom abounds in the gaming world and that is exactly what Hacksaw Gaming wants to combat. The modern company focuses on class instead of mass. Instead of hundreds of slots whose themes are always repeated, Hacksaw wants to focus on uniqueness and special designs. New worlds, new insights – without reprinting the same slot for the hundredth time in new colors and with different tones – that is the premise of the young company.

In addition, the provider also focuses on variety when it comes to pricing. Not only jackpots, whose prize amounts can climb into the millions, but also games with fixed prizes can be found in the portfolio. The focus on scratch cards is interesting, as this is a niche offer. Although many gamblers know and appreciate scratch cards, they are more at home in state lotteries, but less present in online casinos. This is exactly where Hacksaw Gaming sets out to revolutionize!

The casino world has already realized the potential behind Hacksaw Gaming and deals with interesting offers are piling up. More and more relevant and reputable casinos are offering the company’s games in their own portfolio, much to the gambler’s delight. Although Hacksaw does not have decades of experience yet, the offer is becoming more and more widespread.

The exciting story of an up-and-coming company

The story of Hacksaw Gaming is quickly told, as it is still young. However, it can be expected that this story will expand significantly, because in just a few years the provider has already secured the attention of online casinos and players.

  • 2018 – the establishment of Hacksaw Gaming in September.
  • 2019 – the first slot is launched
  • 2019 – certification of the company by ISO
  • 2020 – the first jackpot slot is launched
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When Hacksaw Gaming opened its doors in September 2018, the ambitions were waiting big. The goal: to develop scratch cards and slot machines that are not only provided online. Hacksaw slots and games are also offered locally.

However, the focus is clearly on the online market and here the company wants to achieve a goal that many competitors have not yet set their sights on. Gaming should become mobile! People are on the move, they have smartphones whose technologies come close to high-quality computers. This technology has to be used for fun gaming and flexibility.

Why are Hacksaw games different from others?

It all started with scratch cards, whose winning margin should be as high as possible. The attraction of playing a lottery ticket with a high maximum sum, but a lower chance of winning, is particularly great for many gamblers. The success became apparent shortly after the first offer was published. More and more gamblers developed interest in Hacksaw’s tickets and thus the operators of well-known casinos also became aware.

However, it was not only the high winnings that favored the successful start of the company. Above all, it was the possibility to finally play scratch cards in good quality on smartphones and tablets that caused a furor among gamers. Offers from numerous casinos are still optimized for desktop stations today.

A condition that is not sustainable for Hacksaw Gaming. The company, which is still privately run today, considers the needs of its customers to be important. And it is exactly those who no longer want to play only on the computer, for the modern gambler of today flexibility counts! But this is only fun if the functionality is given. Game crashes, unattractive graphics or loading disturbances make mobile gaming uninteresting and this is where Hacksaw wants to take countermeasures.

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The security aspect of Hacksaw Games

Security plays the biggest role in online casino, no question. The games produced by Hacksaw Gaming are made available in online casinos whose seriousness is assured. The young company has no interest in cooperating with dubious providers that could damage its reputation. As a developer, Hacksaw has made it a premise to cooperate exclusively with those partners who have a genuine gambling license.

Licenses, whether in the EU area from Malta or also from Curacao, have a high significance in terms of security. With the license, the casino operator can prove that he acts seriously and player protection is the focus here. If such licenses are available, Hacksaw Gaming is happy to cooperate and provide the particularly exciting slots and scratch cards for the portfolio.

It can be assumed that Hacksaw Gaming is far from having reached the end of its journey. The slots appeal to a large target group. Simple structure, exciting game flow and the possibility to play mobile without restrictions ensure high access rates. It must be expected that more and more renowned casinos will cooperate with Hacksaw, which will result in a further spread of the new stars in the gaming sky.